Dec 11,2018

How do I Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android?

Steps to Rrecover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android!

You are using Facebook messenger on Android device and have deleted messages that you had got on Facebook messenger but now you want to recover the messages, you can go through following procedure to recover your messages. It is to be mentioned here that you can recover your account through two methods:

Method 1:

  • First and foremost thing that you need to do is log into your facebook account.
  • Click on the downward arrow icon and click on Settings.
  • In the Settings option, you need to click on General tab, scroll down and click on the link Download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • The next page asks you the password. You are required to enter the password and an email containing the copy of downloaded data is sent to your mailbox.
  • On the next tab, open your email that is linked to your facebook account.
  • Click on the mail that has been sent by the facebook into your email.
  • Now, click on Download Archive.
  • When you click on Download Archive a zip file that contains all the facebook information is downloaded to your computer.

If you have got the copy, then, you can look out for the deleted messages from the files.

Method 2:

  • Go to the storage/SD card, look out for Android folder. The Android folder holds all the data related applications.
  • You are required to enter the folder and tap on Data folder.
  • Click on the Data folder under which you can find many folders which are related to all applications.
  • Now, look out for any folder which is related to facebook messenger and tap on it.
  • Go to the Cache folder where you can find the fb_temp folder. The fb_temp folder contains all the backup files.

Choose any of the method based upon your convenience.

By : Mick

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