How to Contact Facebook Support with Phone Number?

Regrettably, there is no way to get in touch with the Facebook to get a solution for the question that troubles the users; a user can't text, email, or otherwise speak to a Facebook support executive. The only way to get help from Facebook is Facebook's Help Center to resolve and report a problem associated with the Facebook account. And to get a support from Facebook's help center, we have brought you a step by step procedure to make the task even easier.

  • First of all, you need to go to the Facebook Help Center page where you need to log in with your Facebook account using your login credential.
  • Then you need to review the toolbar available on the webpage under the Search Bar.
  • And as you hover the cursor over the options a drop-down menu will appear and you have to choose the relevant subsection to get the solution.
  • For instances, if you have a problem with the imposter account then you should go to Privacy & Safety option and choose the Hacked & Faked account tab.
  • There are also other options available with hyperlink link like "How do I report an account that’s pretending to be me?" Moreover, for this situation, Facebook provides an option to report an imposter account by going to the profile of the imposter account and click on '...' option adjacent to Messages option. Click on it and report this profile.
    In addition, to expedite your search for getting a solution for your query you may utilize the Search Bar, simply, type the query and you will get a list of relevant solutions and choose the appropriate one.
  • Besides, you may go to 'Ads Help Center page' if your Facebook business page seeing any issue with the ads then your queries will be addressed on that page.

How to Create a Facebook Account via Support Number?

There is nothing hard to deal with, to create a Facebook account. Though the procedure of creating a Facebook account is easy, to make it even easier a list of steps are mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the official website of Facebook where you will see an option to create a new account.
  • You need to fill in the first name and last name for which you want to create the Facebook account.
  • Then you will require to fill in the mobile number or a valid email address for future correspondence.
  • After that, you need to choose a strong password for your account.
  • Further, you should select the date of birth and select the gender either male or female.
  • And then, you need to click on the Sing Up button after completing all the steps.
  • In addition, as you click on the Sign-Up button you will receive an SMS on your mentioned number and you need to enter the code and click on the Continue option.
  • Besides, you may contact Facebook support team if you face any trouble in doing these steps.

How to Create a Facebook Page with Support Number?

From Creating Facebook Account to Facebook Page – Get All the Information Here

Facebook is the leading social networking platform that connects users around the world. The social networking giant ‘Facebook’ not only connects people throughout the world but also offers the facility to promote the businesses and interests to the right audiences. The top-notch features of Facebook not only helps the users to explore the social movement around them but also its user-friendly interface helps them to access the services most. In addition, the social media site also take care of every user and that's why it provides Facebook support phone number so that each and every user can avail the services without any hassle.

In order to create a Facebook page, you will require to follow the steps listed below.

  • Before anything else, you need to go to the Facebook page and log in with your Facebook ID.
  • Then after you logged in to your Facebook profile, you will see create option adjacent to Home option in the top, click on it.
  • Further, you will see a drop-down section from which you need to choose the Page.
  • Then choose either the ‘Business or brand' or 'Community or public figure’ page type and click on the Get Started option.
  • In addition, you would require to enter the name in order to create your Facebook page and then opt for the Category.
  • Consequently, you need to enter the address and your phone number and click on the Continue option.

In this way, you can create a Facebook page without facing any difficulty. In addition, you can choose your page picture and cover pic by clicking on the provided spaces.