How to Change Facebook Password?

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  • merry


    Change Facebook Password

    Don't know how to Change Facebook Password? Get fundamental tips: Are you trying to change the password of Facebook email account but failed? We will make you expert in changing the password through a pretty simple procedure. At this, you need to check out the correct email address and password to sign in your account successfully. But if you failed to do so and getting an error while sign in your account, you need to recover the password or email account instantly. How to Change Facebook Password? Generally recovering process also change the password and thereafter if someone is required to again change the password of facebook account then he can proceed with the necessary steps. Here we go with the steps to change facebook password simply:

    • First of all, make sure that your Facebook account is signed in with the correct email address and password.
    • Go to the settings button and select the general settings tab and click on the change password.
    • You need to enter the previous password into the required field and press the next button.
    • Now a code will be sent to your registered mobile phone number required.
    • Enter the verification code into the verification field and press next button.
    • Now enter the new password into both new and confirm password field at the end of the task.

    Now it is hoped, that you would have been signing in your facebook account simply with new password and old email address into the required field.

  • Jon


    Learn Basic Skills to Change the Password of Facebook Account

    Facebook is widely used on mobile and laptop devices in order to post the images, videos, important messages, news, magazines, advertisement, etc. If you are unable to access your account you can recover it but when you seem that your Facebook account’s password has been compromised and someone is accessing your account. Hereon you are required to change facebook password soon. In addition to this, in case you are changing your account on time to time, you are there to change the password of FB account with ease.

    Following are the ways assisting you to change the password Facebook account instantly:

    • Before doing anything else go the log-in page of FB account and fill in the credentials.
    • Go to the settings and click on the password change tab and move to the next option.
    • You need to enter the old password into the relevant field and move to the next.
    • Now you have to enter the verification code that you have received on your mobile phone.
    • Here we go to the linked where we can get the chance to fill in the new password into confirm and re-confirm password fields at the end of the task.

    If you are required additional help and information, you need to contact the tech support team that is on at 24 by 7 instantly.

  • Krystal Patinson


    A Quick Guide On How To Change Password Of Your Facebook Account

    Facebook is well-known for its social networking services and it is also officially known as the king of all the social media websites that you can think of. This in-famous social media website is also pretty famous for its account security features and has been as reliable as its other amazing features. However, there are many cases where we often see that FB users have lost their accounts to hackers or any other malicious activities. In this way, it becomes better to ensure your account’s security by simply changing its password. Hence, if you do not know how to change the password of your FB account then here’s what you need to know about it. Steps To Change Password Of A Facebook Account

    In Android,

    • Head over to the sign in page of Facebook in your mobile browser
    • Enter the login credentials and then get access to your FB account
    •  Navigate to the Menu section and then select Account Settings
    • Now, tap on the General option and then  choose Password
    • Here, enter the password that is currently set and then submit your new password and re-type it
    • Save the changes and then re-login into your account

    In iOS

    • Navigate to the FB app in your iOS device and select the More option  
    • Next, head inside the Settings section and then select General
    • Tap on the Password button and then enter your passwords in their relevant fields    
    • Save the changes by tapping on the Change Password button

    Furthermore, contact technical support if you face any issue on how to change Facebook password and get proper assistance.

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