How to Create Facebook Account?

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    Do you want to enjoy the world of social media? Then Facebook is one of the first names come to your mind in terms of facilities and services. But before accessing the services of Facebook, you would need to create a new Facebook account with the help of your email or phone number. The process of very easy to create a Facebook account and if you don’t know about that, then you can go through the below steps:

    • Go to the from a web browser and then click on Sign Up option.
    • Enter your name first name and last name into the given field.
    • Enter your email address and phone number.
    • Now enter a password that you wish to keep for your Facebook account and then choose your birthday.
    • Click on the Sign Up tab and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account creation process.

    With these above-described steps, you can easily create Facebook account on your phone or computer. if you have any doubt or facing problem, then contact with the customer service team of Facebook for better assistance.

  • Charles David


    What are the Steps to Create Facebook Account?

    Facebook is the most used social networking site all around the world.  It is the best social app to connect with your friends and family through social media. You can create free account on Facebook by following a very simple and easy sign up process on Facebook home page. If you also want to create an account on Facebook and looking for the information about how to create Facebook account then you are welcome here. Follow the steps given below to create your account on Facebook:

    • First of all go to the Facebook home page from your web browser and tap on create account
    • Sign up form will open type your name, phone number or email address
    • Then provide your date of birth, gender and set a password for your Facebook account
    • Then tap Sign Up button and confirm your phone number or email address once again
    • Your Facebook account will be created then you can login into your account using mobile number or email address and the password
    • You can set your Facebook profile according to your preference and then send connection request to your acquaintance

    This is how you can create Facebook account by following the simple and easy steps mentioned above. If you face any difficulty while creating your Facebook account, you can contact Facebook customer support for help.

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    Check Out The Simple Procedure to How to Create Facebook Account?

    In the past few years, various social networking platforms become active, but Facebook is the only service that became a huge rage among the people. The social networking service is a platform that allows the users to share and post media files with their family and friends. Hence, in simple words, one can say that Facebook is a great service to keep in touch with the people located in far off places.

    Besides, creating a Facebook account is a simple task, but there are a few users who still have no idea about the Facebook account creation process. So, to help out users here is the simple procedure to create Facebook Account that one can follow. 

    Creating a Facebook account 

    For creating a Facebook account quickly, it is suggested to the users to stick to instructions provided and avoid a problem at the time of account creation. 

    Note: For creating a Facebook account, it is required that the user is 13 years or older. 

    • For the account creation process, the user is required to visit
    • Now, the user needs to provide their name to initiate the account creation process. 
    • Further, the user is required to provide their date of birth with an email or phone number for account verification.
    • After that select gender and enter a password for the Facebook account.
    • Then, click on the Sign Up option to complete the account creation process. 
    • Once the process is completed, the user is required to confirm the email or phone number provided for account verification.

    Besides, if the user still has any queries regarding the account creating process, one can contact the support for help.

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