How to Recover Facebook Chat Messages?

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    If you have deleted your Facebook chats by mistake want your messages back then read along the article to know more about the recovery of Facebook messages.
    Also, if you are confronting an issue with Facebook account recovery procedure then you can reach the customer service in order to resume the service.

    Recovery of deleted facebook messages:

    • Once the Facebook chat messages are deleted, it is difficult to recover them but you can easily retrieve archived messages. You can recover archived Facebook messages by entering in your message box. On the top left of your screen, you will get the option of Inbox, Other and “More” with a drop-down arrow. There, you need to click the More option and select “Archived” option. Then you will be able to archive the messages.
    • Although with a number of subsequent updated options and functions of Facebook, it is still not possible to fetch the deleted messages and chats. But one can find the messages in other locations of your account.
    • You can scroll the messenger in order to find the conversation that you suppose it is deleted. It may happen that the messages got buried deep down due to the arrival of new messages.

    If you still are unable to recover deleted Facebook messages then you can contact Facebook customer service or can dial the Facebook account recovery phone number.

  • Charles David


    How to Recover Deleted Facebook Chats?

    Face book is a very important social media application that helps people to connect with their near ones. Not just this but you can even use it for online shopping, looking for jobs or rented apartment. Hence one can easily make account and be in touch with one’s social circle. Therefore if you are also on Face book but suppose you lose your important conversations that you need now but already deleted. In such case you can recover it by few methods. To recover Face book chat messages refer to below points.

    Methods to recover Face book messages:

    Through File Explorer

    If you want to recover your chat then download any file explorer first. In the file explorer you will find template of Face book messenger. Open it and look for cache file of chats. Once found you can check for backup messages of Face book

    Achieving Facebook Messages:

    You can also recover your messages through archived texts on Face book. All you have to do is open Face book chat go on settings. Look for archive texts. Click on that option and you can un archive whenever you want

    Through Downloading Archived Texts:

    If you want you can download your Face book data and follow steps ahead to access your texts.

    Hence you can follow above steps and download your deleted texts. For any doubt contact customer support.

  • Krystal Patinson


    How can You Recover Your Deleted Facebook Messages?

    Facebook is one of the earliest social networking sites that came in when Emails were prominent source of internet communication. Facebook gradually emerged new and faster mode of social networking where you could communicate by seeing his or her pictures. One decade later and post many new features, Facebook holds maximum numbers of shares in internet industry. In order to become user of Facebook, all you need is complete one sign in process with email password credentials and you are done. Not just this, if by mistake you deleted your Facebook conversation, you can also recover it with the help of few steps. To know about detailed information of how to recover Facebook chat messages, tap on below details.

    Methods to recover deleted Facebook messages

    Method 1: Look for alternatives

    • Open Facebook 
    • If you can’t find that conversation, ask the recipient first to mail you that chat.
    • If in case, he too doesn’t have the chat; try looking for it in archived box.
    • Make sure that the conversation you are looking for is, already deleted and you have not saved anywhere.

    Method 2: Back up conversations through mail

    • Navigate to the Facebook app
    • Next click on menu option
    • Now select settings
    • Moving further, click on notifications
    • Now click on email
    • Enable message backup

    Method 3: download messages on computer

    • Click on settings in Facebook app
    • Moving ahead, select General tab,
    • Now look for download your information option
    • Click on deselect all
    • Scroll and check message box
    • Scroll up and click on create file option
    • Open your email box and wait for an email from Facebook
    • Once it’s downloaded, open it
    • Enter your password and click on submit

    And that’s all for account recovery information. For any further query, contact customer support.

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