How to Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number?

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  • braydenroy


    Facebook is one of the most popular social media app used now a day. But, just imagine if you forgot your password. We can understand how difficult it might be for you and can frustrate you.

    Let us have a look at how to Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number.

    • Open the website of Facebook. This will open the login page of Facebook.
    • Click on “Forgot Password” on the upper-right side of the page. Click it and it will take you to “Find your account” page.
    • Click on the text box in the middle of the page and type your phone number that is associated with your account.
    • Then, you have to click on search. Once you click on it, it will locate your account.
    • The next step demands for selecting the account reset option where you will be sent the code via SMS. The six-digit code will be sent to your phone number associated with your profile on Facebook.
    • Clicking the continue will send the code to you.
    • Just open the message you received and note down the six-digit code in the text.
    • Type the code in the “Enter code” field and click continue. You will be taken to the password reset page.
    • Type your desired password in the “new password” text field at the top of the page. Your new password will be the password that you will use to log into Facebook from now on.
    • Click on continue. Once you click on continue, it will save your new password and you will be able to log in to your Facebook with your new password.

  • Jon Smith


    Recover Facebook Password with Phone Number

    If you are not able to access your Facebook account because of the forgotten password, you don’t need to worry. You can easily recover Facebook password with phone number using the code verification to verify the account.

    Your Facebook account password can easily be recovered, you just have to follow the given instructions using your device:

    • You need to go to the Facebook account login page
    • Click on Forgotten Account option
    • Now you need to enter the username or phone number associated with your Facebook account
    • Click on Search
    • Click on your account
    • Now you will get the option to send the security code to your recovery phone number or the email address, you need to select the phone number
    • Send the code to your phone number
    • Once you receive the SMS with the code, you need to confirm the code to complete the verification of the account
    • Now it should give you the option to reset your Facebook account password
    • Enter the new password of the account
    • Confirm the new password
    • Click on Done

    If you are not able to access the phone number, you can select the email address for the account verification and get your Facebook account recovery done.

  • Krystal Patinson


    Explain the Process to reset Facebook Password Using Phone Number

    Facebook is an account that is used by the people for social interactions. Facebook users require to provide their user ID and password each time they access their account in a new device. It happens very usually that Facebook account holder forgets its login password that creates an issue in login. You can use any of the available recovery options among email or phone number to process password recovery for your Facebook account. However, here you will discover the steps to recover Facebook password with phone number, as discussed below.

    • Go to Facebook login page first and choose forgot password option there
    • Then a new page will open where you will see password recovery options “email” or “phone number”
    • Go forward by choosing phone number option and enter your registered number in the given box
    • After that you will be transferred to a new screen where you will see your security questions
    • Now answer these questions correctly so that Facebook can verify your account
    • Once account is verified Facebook will send a password reset code to you in your phone number
    • Copy the code from your phone and then paste it on the account recovery page
    • Tap submit button and get moved to password reset window  
    • Now create a new password for your Facebook account here by typing it two times
    • Then tap save button to store this new password so that you can use it for later login purpose

    Hence, Facebook users can reset a new password for their account by going through the account recovery process using the steps given above. In case you need any further help concerning password recovery, dial the customer care number of Facebook for assistance.

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